2nd Corinthians 1:3

Currently, My wife and I are still going through the storm. Ultimately our hope and trust is in God and in faith we are believing for a miracle. Even though I can't complete the story and purpose for exactly why we have been through this, I do see the hand of God and how he is using this for his good. I have asked God to feel his love and I have felt it through so many people pouring into our lives. I have prayed for a better marriage, my wife and I have developed a partnership that I could have never imagined having before all this. As a christian I have always lacked boldness to speak about Jesus. This experience has led me to put it all out there in ways I could have never imagined. I know God does not waste these types of situations. We have learned so much about health, healing, nutrition, and truth. We have reached out to so many resources, and we would like to share this experience and the knowledge we gained with other families to offer a helping hand. 

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